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5 myths about Air Source Heat Pumps, busted

As the government has announced their intention to install air source heat pumps as the primary method of heating our homes, in order to phase out gas boilers, we at Green Deal First feel it is important to bust some of the myths surrounding this renewable heat system. Below are just five common myths about air source heat pumps and the truth behind them.

They are noisy

This is perhaps the most common myth you’ll hear about air source heat pumps. The heat pumps of today are not as big, bulky or noisy as they once were. Modern heat pumps are compact, energy efficient and the noise produced is comparable to that of your fridge. Any noise you hear will be from the fan pulling air into the system, though you won’t hear this sound inside if your installer has done the job properly.

They aren’t efficient during cold weather

Although the efficiency of the heater will gradually reduce as the temperature outside falls, they are still capable of extracting heat from air in temperatures as cold as -20℃. Given that we experience relatively mild winters in the UK and there have been so many advancements in the field of thermodynamics, your pump will work effectively.

They only work with underfloor heating

An air source heat pump is certainly compatible with underfloor heating and radiators, though they may be more efficient when connected to an underfloor system. You can maximise the benefits of heat pumps that are connected to large radiators, by setting the temperature to give lower heat over a longer period of time. Ensuring that you have proper insulation in your home will help to minimise heat loss. If you are in need of insulation, and you’re thinking ‘where are the best cavity wall insulation installers near me‘, that’s us!

They are too expensive

This myth is understandable, as the upfront cost of installing a heat pump can be significant. In England, there is funding available to help contribute towards the initial costs of installing a heat pump in your home, as part of the government’s efforts to phase out gas boilers. You do still have to pay fuel bills with a heat pump as they are powered by electricity, but you will save money in the long run on the fuel you replace.

They can only be installed in new houses

While the focus of heat pump installation in the UK is on newbuilds, a heat pump can be installed on most properties and will need to be, in order for the government to meet their target of 600,000 installations every year by 2028. All you need to do is ensure you don’t require any planning permission, before installing this renewable system, especially if you live in a conservation area or listed building.

We hope this information has dispelled some misconceptions about air source heat pumps and encourages you to consider one as your next heating option. As we continue to turn away from fossil fuels and look towards renewable energy as our primary source of fuel, it is time to give serious consideration to what you use to warm your home.

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