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10 Alarming Signs that Indicate you Might Need a Boiler Upgrade

You might often struggle to tell when your home is in need of a boiler upgrade – but any of the following occurrences could serve as a warning sign.

Your radiators take a while to heat up

The consumer watchdog organisation Which? insists: “Most modern boilers can reach their maximum temperature quickly and produce heat almost instantly.” Therefore, you should be suspicious if your radiators take ages to get hot or fail to get there at all.

Your boiler gives off a sulphurous, eggy smell

If this happens whenever the boiler is in use, the likely culprit is a gas leak. You should react by turning off the gas in your home immediately before contacting an engineer.

Your energy bills are rising in cost unexpectedly quickly

While energy suppliers might naturally hike their prices from to time, you should be worried if your energy bills start coming with price increases you can’t easily explain. As your boiler ages, its energy efficiency could decrease.

Puddles have started forming around your boiler

This sight could evidence internal components of your boiler faltering or disintegrating. If your boiler is left to continue leaking, your heating will be inefficient – and rust and corrosion from the water leakage could too easily form.

You feel inexplicably dizzy, tired, breathless or nauseous

According to official figures shared by the Express, about 40 people die – and roughly 300 are injured – each year in England and Wales due to accidental poisoning from carbon monoxide, which your boiler could start leaking, potentially leading you to experience the above-mentioned symptoms.

Your boiler makes strange noises

Any noises your boiler produces should be limited to a low and constant hum you might barely even notice. However, if your boiler makes banging, clunking or whirring sounds, there could be a problem with the unit’s valve or heat pump.

Black stains have emerged near your boiler

That “near” could include on the ceiling above the boiler – in which case, your flue could be leaking. This would mean that fumes – potentially including deadly carbon monoxide – are seeping inside your home rather than being safely transported outside it, as a Mirror article warns.

Heavy condensation in the same room as the boiler

If the windows in the room where your boiler is installed are misting up, it’s possible that this central heating unit isn’t being vented properly. Exhaust gases from your boiler could be being released indoors and, there, depositing water – a by-product of combustion – on the windows.

Your combi boiler’s pilot light is entirely yellow

That light should instead be a bright blue or bluish-green and tipped with a small yellow spot. If this small gas flame is wholly yellow and looks weak, this suggests that carbon monoxide is present.
Your home’s rooms are not heated evenly

If you walk into one room and it seems strangely cold given that the room you just left was noticeably warmer, your boiler could be faltering. This, in turn, could be your cue to order a boiler replacement which our heating engineers are primed to install effectively.

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