Have you considered  Underfloor Insulation? 

You can save up to £130 per year by insulating the ground floor of your home. That’s a large saving that will not only benefit your household income, but will also benefit your carbon footprint. 

You could be losing up to


of your home’s heat from poorly insulated floors

Our expert surveyors will assess the best materials for you.

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How to save the environment with Thrift Energy 

Installing underfloor insulation is a sure fire way to draft proof your home, and stop heat from escaping. The less heat that escapes your home, the less energy you will use, as your boiler won’t be working overtime trying to replace the escaping heat. This ultimately means your energy bills will be reduced, your EPC rating will be higher, and you will be financially better off. 

Save energy with Thrift Energy

Boost your EPC rating with Underfloor Insulation

Advantages of Underfloor Insulation 

  • It eliminates drafts in homes raised above the ground
  • It will prevent heat loss
  • It will help keep pipes from freezing 
  • It will keep your home cool in the summer 

How do you know if your home is suitable for Underfloor Insulation?  

  • Is your house older, with a suspended ground floor? 
  • Does your home have a solid concrete floor?
  • Is your home modern, without slabs of polystyrene that act as an insulator? 

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