Health and Safety Policy

It is the policy of the company to comply with the terms of the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 overall and section 2(3), alongside subsequent legislation to provide and maintain a healthy and safe working environment.

Our health and safety objectives are designed to minimise the number of instances of occupational accidents and illnesses, and ultimately to achieve an accident-free, healthy, safe workplace. Our short to long-term Health and Safety objectives are detailed within the policy. This policy statement and our procedures are integrated. They refer to ‘Health and Safety’ which involves all aspects of health and safety and fire responsibilities and some environmental areas as we see them as an integral part of our integrated approach to health and safety at work.

We recognise that health and safety has positive benefits to our undertaking and makes good business sense. We also recognise that health and safety is a business function and must, therefore continually presses and adapt to change. Our approach to health and safety will be based on the identification of hazards and the control of the associated risks.

Distinct benefits can be gained from providing a healthy and safe working environment, appropriate resourcing will be allocated to ensuring health and safety throughout. A positive safety culture will be encouraged. This encouragement shall be actively supported by all, including our Board of Directors and SLT. We will set and monitor safety objectives and strive for continual improvement.

All employees will be involved in the decision-making process either as individuals, groups, or through representatives. The performance of both individuals and company will be monitored to pre-determined goals to ensure we continually improve our health and safety performance.

Adequate planning, monitoring and review of our policy, procedures and performance will be carried out. To achieve our general statement the following will be our aims, supported by specific objectives included within this policy:

  • We will endeavour to provide as healthy and safe place of work for all our employees.
  • We will ensure arrangements are in place to plan develop and review this document.
  • We will ensure effective communication of our policies and procedures across the Group.
  • We will provide the necessary information, instruction and training to all employees and others to ensure they have the competence to work safely.
  • We consider that health and safety ranks equally with all our business functions and will attach equal importance to health and safety matters as to other business matters.
  • We will devote the necessary resource to ensure health and safety. We will engage expert assistance where the necessary skills are not available in house.
  • We will liaise and work with all necessary persons to ensure health and safety and will ensure that we look after the health and safety of our visitors and other unconnected with our work.

We recognise health and safety is the responsibility of everyone and not a management function. Every employee will have specific duties and responsibilities assigned to then to ensure we work safely. Health and safety is integral to all we do. To this effect:

  • Senior leadership will ensure Health and Safety is fully integrated into the decision making and management process;
  • We will maintain a system to record and investigate accidents and near misses to avoid a re-occurrence of same;
  • We will ensure we provide a safe plant and equipment to conduct our work;
  • We will collect and use personal data with relevance to Health and Safety matters of our staff and others.

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