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We all know energy prices are rising upwards of 54% due to the energy cap being removed. There is a worldwide energy crisis which is leading to a push in renewable technologies such as solar being installed in people’s homes. Domestically, solar PV is the most affordable solution to offset the continually increasing electricity costs.

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Have you considered Solar Panels?

Having solar panels installed in your property is a fantastic way to reduce your carbon footprint as well as the price of your energy bills. By generating your own electricity, fewer fossil fuels will burn as a result and therefore your carbon footprint will shrink. Your home’s EPC rating is a great indication of just how environmentally friendly your property is.

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Boost your EPC rating with Solar PV

Ever wondered how it works?

  • Step 1: Sunlight is absorbed by the solar panels which are mounted on your roof generating Direct Current Electricity (DC).
  • Step 2: The DC electricity feeds into an Inverter (usually mounted in your loft) which is converted to Alternating Current (AC) electricity which is used to power your home.
  • Step 3: The converted energy passes through a generation meter so you can view how much electricity has been created.
  • Step 4: AC electricity is then fed via your fuse board to be distributed throughout your home.
  • Step 5: Surplus energy that is not consumed is sent back to the National Grid via the electricity meter or this can be stored in a battery.

Benefits of solar panels

  • Huge savings on your energy bills
  • Generates electricity even on cloudy, overcast days
  • 25 years manufacturer warranty on panels
  • 2-year insurance backed labour guarantee
  • Installed in 1 Day
  • Dramatically reduces your CO2 emissions

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