Environmental Policy


This policy focuses on our continuous commitment for achieving good environmental practice and operating in a sustainable and energy-efficient manner.

Policy Aim

Our commitment to reducing our environmental and continually improving our environmental performance is an integral part of our business plan, products, services, and delivery methods.


  1. Overall responsibility for the policy lies with the Board of Directors alongside the Senior Leadership Team (“SLT”)
  2. The SLT is responsible for assigning the review of legislative and regulatory requirements.
  3. The oversight of the policy and its objectives is assigned to the policy owner.

Policy Detail

Promoting a broader environmental and sustainability agenda is driven by our recognition of the environment and our impact on it. We acknowledge that our products and services are designed to significantly reduce the UK’s carbon footprint, supporting the Government’s ‘Net Zero’ agenda. This statement will be checked and committed to annually. We promote innovation and aim for a positive environmental impact through our activities overall.

We comply as a minimum with appropriate legislation, regulation, and other requirements we may subscribe to. We will review and assess this policy, set and monitor measurable objectives and targets consist with this policy and in a manner, which ensures the protection of the environment, prevent pollution, reduces environmental impacts and provides where possible environmental benefits.

We support the safeguarding of the environment, its conservation and the environmental wellbeing of the population affected. We are committed to minimising any adverse impacts to the environment resulting from our products, services and activities overall.

The company is committed to offsetting its own negative environmental impact by improving energy efficiency of buildings in the UK in support of initiatives such as the Energy Company Obligation, The Green Deal and Renewable Energy Solutions. We will operate to meet the requirements of ISO 14001, Green Deal Provider requirements, MCs01 Installer Scheme Requirements, PAS2030/35:2019 alongside MCS023. The company will provide resources such as financial support as required while minimising the use of resources such as paper and ink and improving all areas of reuse – reduce – recycle.

This policy supports the Integrated Management Policy and the IMS in its documentation, implementation, and maintenance by using processes and procedures appropriately. We will keep all employees, contractors, and other interested parties informed about the policy to educate and motivate them to minimise our negative environmental impact day to day. We will make this policy available to interested parties upon request on our website.

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