Store the energy you generate

At Thrift Energy Group we can provide you with 2 options on battery solutions. Solar PV panel only system with standard inverter which is ideal for those households that use most of your electricity during the day which means you’ll be consuming the energy the panels generate in real time. We also provide a hybrid system too, this is more practical for those who may generate more power than they need, giving them the option to sell surplus energy back to the grid

You could be losing up to


of energy generated by your panels

Growatt Solar Batteries
solar clipping
Growatt Solar Batteries

Our expert surveyors will assess the best materials for you.

Start saving on your energy bills

Keep rising energy bills down

It’s never a better time to explore renewable energy solutions for your home, not only will they improve the running costs of your energy needs you are helping build a sustainable future. If you have PV in your home already and would like us to take a look at fitting an inverter or battery to your system, please get in touch!

Save energy with Thrift Energy

Take back control of your energy bills with a solar battery

Benefits :

  • Save even more on your energy bills
  • Constant power supply
  • Low maintenance
  • Can be added to your solar panel system at a later date
  • A tidy installation from an experienced Thrift installer
  • Send excess energy back to the grid and claim the Smart Export Guarantee with your supplier.

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