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5 benefits of upgrading your boiler

If you stop to think for a moment about all of the gas and electrical appliances in your home, and which ones you’d must miss if they were to suddenly cease working, it’s fair to say that your boiler would rank quite highly in the ‘roll call’. And yet, many of us are guilty of scarcely ever giving our boiler much thought, right until the moment something does go noticeably wrong with it.

So, to train your mind a little on the possibility of upgrading your boiler now rather than waiting until an ‘emergency’ occurs, the team here at Thrift Energy thought we’d take you through some of the advantages that could await you from taking this course of action.

Greater energy efficiency – which means lower bills

The heating of our homes typically accounts for more than half of our total energy use, so you can probably begin to appreciate how much money a more efficient boiler could save you over time. This is helped by the tendency for most new condensing boilers to be A-rated, which equates to an efficiency of 90% or more.

According to the Energy Saving Trust, a new A-rated condensing boiler with a programmer, room thermostat and thermostatic radiator controls (TRVs) could slash as much as £315 off your household’s annual fuel bills.
And of course, a more energy-efficient boiler isn’t just a great thing from the point of view of ongoing costs, as an A-rated boiler could also save you as much as 1,500kg of carbon dioxide a year.

Quieter operation

New boilers tend to sport more sophisticated designs and use higher-quality materials than their equivalents of years past.
You might not think the noise from your boiler is exactly a massive issue in your home. However, it’s the kind of thing that can make a big difference when the boiler is situated on the other side of a bedroom wall.

Smaller size

The most recent boilers also usually take up less space than older ones, and provide more options for where they can be situated. You might be able to hide yours behind a kitchen cupboard, for instance, which could free up space in your house to use in other ways.
Enhanced heating control

Upgrading your boiler to one with heating controls will also give greater scope to adjust the temperature to exactly what you want in a given space.
Many people prefer their bedroom to be slightly cooler than their living room, for example. So, a boiler that allows you to be a lot more precise about what temperature you wish each room of your house to be, could boost day-to-day comfort in your home at the same time as saving you money.

A new guarantee

Purchasing a new boiler also means getting a new guarantee or warranty with it, which can be an extra source of peace of mind for years to come.
You might understandably ask, “do I really need a guarantee? Am I even likely to need it?” But look at it this way – the typical cost of an emergency call-out, including repairs, is more than £100 a visit.

Naturally, older boilers – like older cars – are more prone to breaking than their newer counterparts, which can cause the repair costs associated with them to rise over time.

Think of an MOT on a car that you might book in for £50, and then end up with a bill of £250 once the test centre has inspected the vehicle, sourced the parts and fitted them. These are the kind of costs that a boiler warranty can cover, so going without one can quickly become a false economy.
Naturally, different boiler brands and models do come with different warranties or guarantees, so it’s important to check the length and terms of this before you commit to a particular option.

There’s a lot more that a new boiler could bring you other than the above, depending on the specific model you choose.
And if you’ve landed on this page while thinking, “I’d like to purchase a new boiler, but where are the best heating companies near me?”, why not call the Thrift Energy team today, on 0800 689 34 15, so that we can guide you through your options for your next boiler?

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