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Need a new boiler in the North East area? We can throw in free insulation, too

Sometimes, it won’t suffice to simply turn the thermostat up. Sometimes, problems you seem to keep running into with your boiler mean you need a whole new one, full stop.

The warning signs can admittedly be subtle; think clunking or clanking noises from the boiler or rising energy bills. However, if you live in the North East area and need a new boiler, we can provide that as well as install new insulation at your property for free.

Have your energy bills been increasing recently?

The consumer watchdog organisation Which? lists various indicators that your home’s boiler would need replacing. Those include your residence’s radiators taking hours to heat up and your energy bills starting to look strangely high considering your household’s energy usage.

These would both be signs that your current boiler is overdue an upgrade – as modern boilers can generate heat almost instantly and use energy more efficiently than ageing units. You can reduce your energy costs by as much as 12% when you have a new boiler fitted.

We can handle the boiler-fitting responsibilities for you, too – but you might not have realised that you could also be haemorrhaging money due to insufficiently insulated walls and flooring.

The heating’s on the wall… or escaping through it.

While new build homes utilise advanced methods for containing as much heat as possible, a home built before 1982 could yearly shed up to 35% of its heat just through the walls. A home that leaks heat in this way is essentially losing money.

Fortunately, for eligible homes in and around the North East, we offer a DUAL MEASURE installation of a new boiler and, for FREE, cavity wall insulation alongside it. As a result, your residential heating costs could be slashed significantly, with those costs potentially almost halved.

Let’s assume, for example, that your monthly heating costs currently total £120. While a new boiler alone could bring that down to £105.50, the figure could fall to as low as £68.50 were cavity wall insulation to be added as well.

Over an entire year, you could accumulate as much as £618 in savings – while, over 25 years, the savings could reach £15,450 in all. However, cavity wall insulation would not be your only option if you wanted to complement your new boiler under our dual measure scheme.

The alternative option would be underfloor insulation, which could help to prevent your home from losing the approximately 15% of heat a residence typically leaks through its floorboards. As a result, this insulation could potentially trim your heating bill by a tenth.

Are you eligible for dual measure funding?

You are if you live in the North East or just outside the region and are a core group customer under the Warm Home Discount Scheme – or you receive at least one of the benefits listed on our website’s dual measure installation page.

We invite you to hit the link to learn how to enquire about dual measure funding. Alternatively, you can call us on 0191 284 2424.

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