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5 simple ways you can help the environment… TODAY!

Looking after the planet can feel like a mammoth task. However, by making just a few small tweaks to your day-to-day lifestyle, you can create a snowball effect that helps you to not only contribute significantly to the fight against climate change but also encourage other people to follow suit. Here are some examples of changes you don’t have to put off for tomorrow.

Make a habit of recycling

It’s an obvious one, so we might as well mention it first. Heed the recycling rules in your local area and be careful to sort recyclable items from those that the local council classes as rubbish instead.

Upon looking more closely at your current recycling practices, you could be shocked to realise how many things of yours you could recycle but don’t. Worldwide, humans purchase a million plastic bottles per minute but only about 9% of plastic ever made is likely to have been recycled.

Opt for reusable, rather than disposable, items

Many items can be hazardous to the environment simply because they can’t be reused. Consequently, after they have been used, they need to be thrown away – potentially leading them to spend centuries in a landfill.

However, you could switch to regularly refilling a reusable cup or bottle with water instead of using bottled water, while airtight, reusable food containers can be used in place of plastic wrap. Furthermore, on shopping trips, take your own bags rather than source new ones from the shop.

Go paperless where you can

As a general rule, the less paper you use in your life, the better for the planet. Fortunately, as many day-to-day routines have been increasingly digitised, jettisoning paper is easier than you might have realised. For example, instead of buying print books, you could download e-books on a Kindle.

Meanwhile, for wrapping presents, you could tie fabric together with ribbon – as both are useable – rather than stick with the conventional wrapping paper and tape.

Trim your electricity usage

Of course, as digitisation can be environmentally unfriendly in itself due to the electricity it requires, you should look for ways of streamlining your household’s electricity usage.

This, too, though, can be surprisingly easy. You could do it by switching off the likes of lights, TVs and computers when you aren’t using them – and, for any electrical devices that need to be plugged in, unplugging and switching them off at the wall, as even devices on standby can continue using power.

Book an air source heat pump installation

An air source heat pump (ASHP) can make an energy-efficient replacement for a gas or oil boiler. An ASHP works by sourcing heat from the outside air, allowing you to heat your residence and its water without having to draw quite as heavily from the electricity grid.

Wherever you live in the UK, we can send air source heat pumps installers to your address. The ASHPs we fit can extract heat even from air as low as -15°C in temperature, making them practical all-year-round options for keeping your house toasty.

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