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Here comes the sun: why now is an especially good time for solar energy generation

As the UK baked in the heatwave on Tuesday 19 July, solar power was accounting for up to a quarter of the country’s power demand. Solar energy generation on that day peaked at 7.77GW by midday – over six times the capacity of the UK’s largest nuclear power station, Solar Power Portal reports.

However, the increased usefulness of solar energy in heatwaves is hardly the only reason for you to opt for this form of power generation at a time of high energy bills and climate anxiety. 

Solar energy has become more cost-effective over time 

In April, Ofgem’s standard variable energy cap was lifted by 54% — resulting in roughly 22 million of domestic energy suppliers’ customers paying, on average, 28.34p per kWh of electricity. This marked a sharp hike from the pre-April measure of 20.8p cited by the Financial Times

Especially dispiriting is that, because of the change, two million more UK households have been placed into fuel poverty. Overall, 6.5 million UK households now fall into this particular category, as warned by the charity National Energy Action and highlighted in a WIRED article

It doesn’t help that UK housing stock includes some of the oldest domestic properties in the world, with many residents already having to pay inflated energy prices due to low-quality insulation as well as old heating systems that fail to expend energy as efficiently as more modern alternatives. 

However, adopting solar panels can now help households to save as much as £600 on their annual electricity bills. Furthermore, if you do arrange the installation of a solar energy system now, you could only have to wait just over eight years for it to effectively pay for itself. 

This April also saw the UK Government slashing the VAT on solar panels from 5% to zero – leaving solar one of the most affordable means of electricity generation in the UK. 

Keep your eye on the future 

Exactly how much you could save on your energy bills as a result of turning to solar energy can depend on various circumstances – including the number of people you are living with and how much you are currently paying for electricity. 

Still, the point remains that implementing a solar PV system can lead you to make mammoth savings on your energy bills. Potentially, you could trim up to 70% of your outgoings on these bills – and even having solar PV installed in the first place doesn’t have to be particularly expensive. 

As a solar PV installer, we offer a finance plan where a recipient can spread the cost of their solar PV system – and ultimately pay as little as £8.92 per week for us to fully install it at their property. As for the installation process itself, we are capable of fully undertaking this in just one day. 

If you have any remaining questions about benefits of the solar PV technology we are able to provide, not to mention extras we can provide with it, feel free to ring our team on 0800 689 3415. 

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