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3 Easy ways To Take Care Of Your Solar Panel System

Some solar panel maintenance is required to ensure you reap the long-term benefits they offer, which is important considering they can be a hefty investment. You’ll be relieved to learn that solar panels are reasonably simple to maintain and function effectively without an annual service, though you are required to take care of your solar panel system.

It shouldn’t cost you much more for you to take care of your solar panels and keep them in good working order. In truth, cleaning your solar panels is often not necessary all too often. However, it is important to keep your panels in good working order for great results. So, here are 3 easy ways to take care of solar panels after installation.

Clean your solar panels annually

Since solar panels are installed facing the sun and therefore the sky, they are exposed to a lot of rainfall and thus they are great for relying on natural rainfall to keep themselves clean.

However, just like your home’s windows, they are still prone to the accumulation of dirt and organic matter which as we mentioned, can be cleared away by rain. That said, it is still important to make sure you have them cleaned maybe once a year to guarantee that they function to their maximum potential.

Solar panels still work to attract solar energy from the sun even if your panels are dirty, but cleaning them can improve efficiency in some way, especially if dirt has been building up for some time. You could purchase a solar panel cleaning kit or have a solar panel installer come and professionally clean your panels, but these options aren’t that necessary. Rain is undoubtedly the best cleaning method, but to tackle the dirt rain cannot remove, just use soap, water and a soft cloth. It’s that simple

Check up on your solar panels

Although they are built to withstand a wide range of weather conditions and temperatures, outside variables do impact solar panel performance. If there are large trees on your property, autumn may bring a buildup of leaves that restrict the panels’ access to sunlight. Consider factors like these and keep an eye on your solar panels to monitor them and ensure there is nothing affecting their performance. Simply carrying out an annual inspection could be enough to take care of your solar panels after they have been installed. As solar panel repairs can be expensive, it’s best to avoid these issues and make any fixes quick.

Monitoring solar systems also enables you to know how much Carbon dioxide you are releasing into the atmosphere and how much you are saving the environment.

Monitor their usage

Set up a monitoring system to keep track of your panel’s efficiency in real time and alert you to any issues. In this manner, you avoid spending time or money cleaning an entirely functional panel or chipping down a much-adored tree. If your solar panels ever stop functioning, monitoring systems enable you to determine when and frequently where there is an issue with them.

Of course, if you need anymore help taking care of your solar panel system, just reach out to Thrift Energy!

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