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Do you have an electric heating system in your home? You could be entitled to FREE insulation!

If you’ve noticed your energy bills becoming pricier recently, your energy supplier might not be the only culprit. True, energy prices continue to rise every year – by 4% on average. However, you might not have realised how much you could do to rein in your spending on energy.

Let’s start with your home’s heating system. If it runs on electricity, then that system was likely installed quite a while ago – as, these days, electrical heating systems are considered very outdated, and they sadly have the energy inefficiency to show for it. However, a helping hand isn’t far away…

Is your home’s insulation up to scratch?

Your home’s insulation serves a simple purpose: it keeps as much heat as possible inside your home so that your heating system doesn’t have to keep working overtime – at potentially extortionate financial cost to you – just to replace the heat that keeps escaping your property.

Therefore, if your home’s insulation has also been left untouched for a while, that – along with the electrical heating system – could mean your home is practically haemorrhaging valuable energy. All of this would bode ill not just for your finances but also your carbon footprint.

How you could upgrade your home’s insulation surprisingly cost-effectively

Here at Thrift Energy, we’ve crunched a few figures and found that you could shave as much as 25% off your energy costs with roof insulation, 35% with wall insulation and 10% with floor insulation. This is provided the insulation fitted in each case is quality and effective insulation fitted by Thrift.

Now, if you keep your home warm with an old electric heating system, you might be able to secure funding for all of this insulation through ECO3, the latest version of the Government’s Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme.

To qualify for this funding, you must be in receipt of a qualifying benefit, tax credit or allowance. If you don’t receive a qualifying benefit, you might alternatively be able to qualify for the funding through LA Flex, another aspect of the ECO3 scheme.

You can replace your heating system and insulation in one fell swoop

Over time, the manufacturers of home heating systems have been able to increasingly refine how efficiently these systems expend energy. This can be especially h2ly evidenced in our new High Heat Retention Storage Heaters, one of which we could install in your home for you.

You may also be eligible for the First Time Central Heating grant, which would help you to fund the installation of a new central heating system like, yes, a High Heat Retention Storage Heater from Thrift. However, as we emphasise that “may” is an important word in that sentence, we urge you to contact us to learn more about whether you could qualify for the grant.

You could also contact us if you are unsure whether you would be eligible to receive the previously-mentioned funding for our insulation services. Fortunately, it’s easy to enquire through our website and learn how you could benefit from new insulation fitted by Thrift Energy.

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