“A large installation like this is a journey and a partnership” – how Thrift Energy helped an energy-savvy customer bring their ambitious solar project to life - thumbnail image

“A large installation like this is a journey and a partnership” – how Thrift Energy helped an energy-savvy customer bring their ambitious solar project to life

The system

  • 20 Southeast-facing solar PV panels in a 2 X 10 array, feeding two 3.6KW Growatt Hybrid Inverters, each charging a 6KWh battery.
  • Six Southwest-facing solar PV panels in a 2 X 3 array, feeding into a third 3.6KW Growatt Hybrid Inverter, also charging a 6KWh battery.
  • A myenergi zappi EV charger.
  • A myenergi eddi power diverter.

The story

Energy-savvy customer, Dr Kevin, wanted to take full advantage of solar power at his home. Thrift Energy installed a comprehensive solar PV system with panels at both the front and rear of the property, as well as a myenergi zappi electric vehicle (EV) charger.

After the installation, Dr Kevin got in touch with us to feedback on the efficiency of the system. He reported that the Southeast- and Southwest-facing panels allowed him and his family to extend the period of solar energy generation into the early evening (4-7PM) when power is the most expensive to purchase from Octopus, their provider.

The zappi charger was used to charge two EVs with surplus energy, enabling over one month of motoring solely from PV-generated energy. Dr Kevin explained that: “Our EVs can be charged (one at a time) during a sunny day, so with careful management since installation (and relatively low mileage per week) both EVs have been charged with our own solar energy. Between April-October we can generate enough energy to meet our local commuting needs with the occasional long journey.”

The family is also diverting excess energy to heat water, using a myenergi eddi solar power diverter. And, while they know the system won’t produce as much energy during the winter, the benefits are clear. Dr Kevin commented: “… over-night battery charging (house and EVs) and overnight hot water heating at ultra-low energy costs (7.5p/KWh) using Octopus Intelligent will drastically cut our annual electricity and gas bills by an estimated 70-90%.”

The feedback

Following the installation, Dr Kevin sent us his feedback, which we were delighted to receive. He wrote: “Daniel was amazing. From the outset, he adopted a collaborative approach, not a hard-sell approach, advised and listened and delivered the system we had specified.

“A large installation like this is a journey and a partnership, and it took patience from everyone to make it work fully and achieve the level of automation we wanted. Daniel kept his team working at it until it was fully operational to our specification and this philosophy was also supported by Thrift Energy who only billed the final payment when we were completely satisfied and the MCS and G99 certificates were issued.

“No one could ask for more than this and is a great installation. We are really pleased with the automation and performance and would thoroughly recommend Thrift Energy over the many firms we researched and consulted with before we made our selection. We are really pleased we chose Thrift Energy and Daniel.”

If you have an ambitious solar project in mind and want to discuss your options, get in touch with our team by calling 0191 284 24 24.

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