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6 reasons your business should install solar panels

In this day and age, having green credentials is something that most customers look for in the business they’re planning to buy from. There isn’t an easier way to gain some green credibility, than by having solar panels installed as part of your business. In fact, we’ve provided 6 reasons that your business should absolutely invest in an installation.

A Renewable Energy Source

Solar energy is one of the world’s few truly renewable energy sources. As long as the sun is shining, we will be able to utilise solar power to create energy. With that in mind, if your building sees a lot of sun, there really isn’t a reason for you to not have solar panels installed! Solar will always be a viable source of energy, as long as your site permits a solar pv installation.

It Helps Your Green Credentials

On top of being better for the environment, solar panels can also serve as a valuable and visible demonstration of your businesses commitment to environmental causes. In today’s climate, customers are making a conscious choice to purchase from businesses that are actively showing that they are green and eco-friendly. Solar panels are definitely a huge boost for both your profit margins and your reputation.

You’ll Save Money

Changing your energy supply can have a huge impact on your businesses energy costs. Some companies have seen a drop of as much as 70% in their energy bill, since installing solar panels and integrating them as part of their energy generation system. A solar system can deliver free electricity during daytime hours, which can ultimately save you thousands in expenditure over a year.

Avoid Fluctuating Energy Rates

With the current cost of living crisis, we know that electricity prices fluctuate rapidly, and could now change once a quarter, rather than every six months. The price of grid electricity is rising more and more every day, and can be exponential, depending on where you live. When you have a solar system installed, you can escape the volatile market, and rely on electricity that your business has generated itself.

Improved Green Credibility

As we’ve already discussed solar is one of the only completely renewable energy sources that exists. Solar energy does not release any greenhouse gases and doesn’t pollute water sources, meaning it is the ideal energy source for the business that is looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

Return On Investment

Most businesses find that their solar pv installation is paying for itself within three to five years. After this, all of the savings you make on your energy bill become profit, or even money you can invest back into your business. In fact, these days buying a solar pv system and using that electricity, can be up to 70% cheaper than buying electricity from the National Grid.

Of course, we believe there are plenty more reasons to consider installing solar panels, on top of enhancing your businesses green credibility, and improving your carbon footprint. If you’re looking for them, just reach out!

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