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Why Britain is falling in love with Solar Panels this February

We all know that Valentine’s Day falls in February, making it a season of love! This month is the perfect time to be falling in love with the solar panels Carlisle homeowners are already obsessed with. In fact, there are already solar fans right across the country. Roughly 1.2 million UK households currently have solar panels installed and this number is only growing! To find out why solar panels are the perfect companion for your home as well, keep reading on. 


Solar Panels are there for you through rain or shine 


Contrary to what you might expect, solar panels still work on overcast and rainy days. You may be surprised to learn that solar panels can continue producing electricity on snowy days when they are positioned on an angle where the snow can fall away. 


As long as there is daylight your solar panels will have a form of energy that they can convert into electricity for you to use at home. 


Solar Panels are low maintenance


One of the good things about high quality solar panels is that once they are installed, you can more or less leave them alone to do their job. The amount of rain we get in the UK tends to help keep the panels clean. Additionally, regular services of your panels are not necessary if they are good panels that have been installed properly. 


As long as you choose the right panels and a competent installer then they will not require much maintenance at all. In this scenario, you may find that you will only need a professional to check your panels if you are looking to upgrade your solar package. 


However, you may want to call out a professional if you find your solar panels or inverter are not working properly once you have eliminated the possibility of problems being caused by tripped switches, energy supply or isolators. 


Solar Panels are in it for the long haul


Panels installed by Thrift energy have a 25 year manufacturer warranty. This gives you peace of mind that they’ll be here for a good time and a long time!


You know where you stand with Solar Panels


One of the beauties of having solar panels is that you can track how much energy they are producing in real time. This is thanks to generation meters which offer a snapshot of energy generation.


The meter may be located on your solar power system’s inverter, which converts the electricity generated by your panels from Direct Current into Alternating Current electricity which can be used to power appliances. 


Solar Panels have your best interests at heart 


Solar panels are a good investment for your future. They give you the chance to help protect our precious environment by reducing your reliance on electricity generated by burning fossil fuels. 


Panels are also a good financial investment, especially in the wake of recent energy price increases. If your latest energy bills have left you reeling then you might be one of the many people who would benefit from installing solar PV urgently!


Solar Panels will get on well with your family


When you take solar panels home to your family, you know they will be impressed. Having solar PV future-proofs your home against rising energy costs and helps to save the environment so that future generations can enjoy it. 


Are you serious about falling in love with solar or are you not sure if it’s just a phase? Our experts are here to help! For free answers to your queries call 0800 689 3415 or email sales@thriftenergy.co.uk today.

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