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6 Benefits of Having Solar PV Installed on your Roof

At Thrift Energy, we are huge advocates of creating greener energy. One way we at Thrift encourage people to do that is by installing a number of renewable energy sources.

The one you’ll have heard the most about is Solar PV. If you’re thinking about getting Solar PV installed, we know it can seem like a big risk. Below, we’ve outlined six reasons why having Solar PV installed is beneficial.

Clean, green energy

Fun fact: the energy the sun provides to the earth for one hour could meet he global energy needs for one year.

We all know the sun is a powerful, natural energy source that isn’t going anywhere any time soon. It doesn’t require any mining and burning it doesn’t create harmful gasses that pollute our atmosphere. Using solar energy just makes sense when you consider the future of the planet.

They are easy to install

Solar panels can be installed in less than a day and that is usually the case. The more complex your system, the more time it will take. The only major downside is they do require scaffolding to be installed, but this will likely be gone within 24 hours.

They are easy to maintain (and don’t cost much either)

The cost of maintaining a Solar PV system is significantly less than other energy sources. As most systems don’t have any moving parts, the risk of breakdown is reduced significantly and the cost of new parts is removed entirely. This makes Solar PV the most financially savvy choice.

They are super efficient

As long as there is sun, solar energy can be deployed anywhere. For remote regions that have no access to another source of electricity – and there are vast amounts of them around the world – solar energy is the obvious choice.

You’ll save loads in energy bills

Generating your own electricity obviously means you’ll use less from your supplier and ultimately save yourself a good chunk of cash, almost instantly. The more energy you produce, the less you’ll need from your supplier.

Additionally, you will peak in the amount of energy you generate at the same time that energy demand is at its highest, thus costing more. Solar energy reaches its maximum production capacity between 11am and 4pm. The tariff you pay during that time could be driven down to a level close to night time rates.

You can make money from them too!

The income you generate from Solar PV, comes from selling the energy you generate back to the National Grid at a fixed rate of 4.5p/kWh. You also stand to benefit from the governments generation tariff. There is not currently a fixed rate for this sale – they tend to vary between 7.1p/kWh for larger systems and 16p/kWh for smaller ones.

Solar PV isn’t the only renewable source we have at Thrift Energy. Check out our air source heat pumps for an option that absorbs natural heat and transfers it to your internal heating system.

For ‘air source heat pump installers near me‘, look no further than Thrift Energy.

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