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How getting solar panels future-proofs your home

There’s a reason that Google searches for solar pv installers have gone up by over 100% since July 2022. It’s because solar power is the future, and the time to prepare your home for that is right now. We’re sure you know by now that reusable energy is the way forward, and solar panels are one of the leading ways to produce electricity under your own steam, but just in case you need a bit more persuading, here are a few ways that investing in solar panels will help to future proof your home. 

You’ll save money

Using the sun to pay your energy bills is an investment that will pay off massively for many years. In the last few months, the length of time it takes to pay back a solar panel instalment, through how much money you will save on your energy bills, has gone from a decade to just three years. While future energy costs do remain uncertain at the moment, it remains a dead certainty that investing in solar panels now is a method of future proofing your home. 

They last a long time

The technology included in making solar panels is getting increasingly better. So much so, that many of the leading manufacturers now guarantee their product for almost three decades (though some do say there will be a 20% decrease in productivity over that time). At Thrift Energy, we guarantee all of our solar panel installations for 25 years. Over two decades worth of electricity production installed in just one day!

They’re good for the earth

We all know that we are facing a climate crisis, that if not reversed soon could do catastrophic damage to the planet. Installing solar panels doesn’t just future proof your home, it also helps future proof the planet for generations to come. Generating your own means of powering your home will decrease your dependency on fossil fuels, protecting you from rising energy costs and lowering your carbon footprint at the same time. 

They’re sustainable

While we have touched on this throughout this post, it’s impossible to argue that solar panels are not a sustainable source of energy. After all, the sun is not going anywhere anytime soon, which is why solar power is considered one of the fastest growing renewable energy solutions in the world. Moreover, you can use solar energy throughout the day, if you have a solar battery system working alongside your panels. 

Of course, there are other ways your home becomes future proofed when you install a solar pv system, such as your EPC rating going up, the value of your home increasing and, of course, the knowledge that your energy bills will consistently be lower because you are producing your own energy supply that doesn’t rely on and energy firm. 

You can future proof your home in less than a month, when you order your solar panel system with Thrift Energy. We have batteries and panels in stock ready to go; we’re just waiting for your call!

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