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5 reasons why you should have external wall insulation installed this spring

The weather might be getting warmer, but we all know it won’t stay that way forever. There isn’t a better time to prepare for the winter cold, than during the warmth of spring. Take this opportunity to prepare for the cold of winter, by checking out these 5 reasons to opt for external wall insulation installed this spring.

Reduce your energy bills

You don’t need someone else telling you how much energy bills are going to cost come April. What you do need, is someone telling you how you can reduce that cost and one method is having external wall insulation installed. Depending on the type and size of your home, you can save up to £415 on energy bills when you install external wall insulation. An extra chunk of cash like this can make a huge difference in the current cost of living crisis.

Your home will be less draughty

Have you ever noticed a draught coming through your home, but haven’t been able to identify the source? Chances are, it’s coming from small cracks in your walls. Having external wall insulation installed will solve this problem, making your home feel warmer and more comfortable to live in. Of course, as this means less cold air is leaching into your home through the walls, you won’t need to keep your heating running as often or as long, leading to lower energy bills.

Your house will not be disrupted

During the installation, you won’t see interruption to your house or floor space whatsoever, as all of the work is taking place outside. You will still be able to go about your business as normal, without the interruption of workmen in your house. This is ideal for homes with small children and pets, who prefer not to be disturbed.

You won’t lose any floor space

During a typical cavity wall insulation installation, a home loses 100-150mm of floor space can be lost, depending on the type of insulation and the u-value you want to achieve. If you were to insulate two walls, you’d lose the floor space next to both of those walls. If you have a large house with large rooms, this might not be a concern, but for those residing in a smaller home, external wall insulation might be best to avoid losing anymore floor space.

You want to renew/refresh the outside of your property

As exterior wall insulation is stuck to the outside of the home, you will end up with a freshly rendered or brick slip finish, which will make your home look brand new. The insulation is chemically and mechanically banded to the existing surface of your walls and are then usually finished in acrylic or rendered finish. The finishes can even have colour pigments, meaning you won’t need to paint the exterior, saving you loads of money on redecorating in the long run.

If you’ve read those five reasons and still feel you should put off having external wall insulation installed because the sun is shining, perhaps it’s time to call a Solar PV installer instead!

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