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Why Solar PV and an EV Charger are a Match Made In Heaven

We are leading solar PV and electric car charger installers in the North East. From our experience we have discovered that installing solar PV and EV chargers together can create a wide range of benefits to homeowners. Here is a list of reasons why EV chargers and Solar PV are a perfect pairing for your home that work together in synergy. 


Both can be installed together


Sometimes when you make major home improvements, you find yourself having to make incremental changes. This is okay if you have time to spare but most people like to make sure they can start enjoying any improvements as soon as possible. 


If you are considering installing an EV charger and solar panels the good news is you can have them installed simultaneously. This means that you can enjoy the combined benefits of these technologies right away. 


EV chargers and Solar PV are cutting edge technologies


Electric vehicles and solar power are technologies that are increasing in popularity across the UK and beyond. This is because they are both greener and cheaper to run over longer periods of time than their fossil fuel reliant counterparts. 


As the benefits of these technical advancements are becoming more apparent, solar PV and electric vehicles will both continue to become more mainstream. 


In fact, electric vehicles are so strongly considered to be the future of green transport that by 2030 the sale of new petrol and diesel cars will be banned according to RAC.


Having both reduces your carbon footprint 


As previously mentioned, solar PV and electric vehicles are more environmentally friendly than energy sources and vehicles which rely on burning fossil fuels. 


You can combine the benefits of solar power and owning an electric vehicle at home by getting both solar PV and electric vehicle chargers installed. This is because the solar PV will generate electricity that can be used to power the EV charger and in turn your electric car. 


They work together to reduce your spending


Individually, fuelling an electric vehicle instead of a petrol or diesel model, or running your home with solar panels will save you money. However, using both simultaneously means that you can save even more money at a time. 


Fuelling an electric vehicle can be 56% cheaper to run when using home charging than running a diesel or petrol car according to Drivetech. 


Meanwhile homes with solar PV can see savings of approximately between £210 and £514 per year based on having a 4.2 kW system and current energy rates which were introduced in October 2022. 


They can increase the value of your home 


Having an EV charger and solar panels can help to improve your home’s market value. According to the National Association of Property Buyers, a property can increase its value by £3,000 to £5,000.


Meanwhile a home with solar panels may see its value increase by roughly 4.1%


Are you considering installing solar PV and an EV charger? If so, we strongly recommend that you consider our solar PV packages. As well as getting electric vehicles installed with your solar panels, there are plenty of other add-ons which may help you take control of your energy bills. To enquire, give us a call on 0800 689 3415 or email sales@thriftenergy.co.uk.

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