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Thrift Energy has Achieved Home Improvement Agency Status

While the country has continuously experienced a yo-yo sensation in the face of the pandemic, Thrift Energy has continued to thrive despite the relentless challenges. From the offset, we had a deep understanding that homes needed us more than ever before, so it was fundamental that we adapted to new rules and regulations quickly.

We’ve enjoyed countless successes since March 2020, and now we’re delighted to reveal our latest one… as of June 2021, Thrift Energy has achieved Home Improvement Agency status!

What are Home Improvement Agencies?

Home Improvement Agencies are local, trusted organisations that help older, disabled and vulnerable people on their journey to living a good life for longer. A matter close to our heart, we’re honoured to be a part of something so worthwhile. Community is everything to us.

The agencies offer reliable information and advice, and support people to make alterations to their homes as their health and needs change. At present, there are nearly 200 Home Improvement Agencies in England – and Thrift Energy is now one of them.

It’s really simple to benefit from an agency. If you’re in need, you can use the Home Improvement Agency website to search for Home Improvement Agencies that operate in your area. Once you’ve selected your council, you’ll have access to local companies that can assist with the likes of housing options, disability adaptations, and, of course, making your home more energy efficient.

Our next steps as a business

In light of this recent news, we will be actively searching for new local authorities to partner with. It’s important that we discover new funding – which falls outside of the Energy Company Obligation – in order to continue delivering a well-rounded, all-encompassing service for our customers.

We will continue to nurture and adapt our services to stay one step ahead of the competition, including cavity wall insulation in Newcastle and elsewhere across the North East. This new, prestigious status is something we have no intention of letting slip, and we’re looking forward to seeing the positive impact it’s going to have across both our business and our community.

Get in touch to find out more today

If you or your family require support from a Home Improvement Agency, we encourage you to get in touch with us today to find out more about how we can help you.

As one of the UK’s leading installers of effective energy measures, we’re committed to ensuring our customers have the best possible experience. Now, equipped with the necessary knowledge, resources, and status to help older, disabled and vulnerable people, we are better placed to do this than ever before.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today to speak to our friendly, experienced team.

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