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The Ultimate Guide to Save Money Ahead of Christmas

Christmas is coming quickly and, unfortunately, times are not getting any easier. According to Which?, 46% of people are planning to cut costs this Christmas, with fewer gifts being one of the main ways people plan to spend less. Right now, there isn’t enough time for solar panel installers in the North East to fit each and every one of us a solar panel system before Christmas (though, if you get in quick you’ll see some incredible savings before next years festivities), but we can still provide you with plenty of tips to help you save a bit of money ahead of Christmas this year. 

Spread the cost out

Everyone’s heard their mam yelling “don’t touch that, it’s for Christmas” about everything in the fridge since around mid-November, but it probably means your mam is quite smart about how she’s getting her Christmas shopping. This year, the price of food has gone up roughly 17% compared to last year, so planning ahead for Christmas is essential. 

Try to buy a few bits for Christmas in your weekly shop. During the colder months, products like fizzy drinks and vegetables can be kept outside in a shed or storage container to save room in the fridge. A lot of customers will be switching to budget brands to try and make a saving on their Christmas feast, or even making the move to a budget supermarket to try and save a pound or two this Christmas. 

Take the time to find a good deal

A lot of us are taking the time to shop around in order to find the best deal on gifts for this year, to ensure we save money ahead of Christmas. Keep your eyes peeled for vouchers, bargains and sales pages to maximise your budget and ensure you aren’t paying over the odds for your gifts. You can also get some amazing deals on some fantastic items at the charity shop. Make sure you spend some time cleaning any toys and washing clothes to make sure they’re in good condition before you give them as a gift! 

Keep the Christmas magic

There are so many ways to keep Christmas magic alive (that don’t cost the earth). For most children, the build up to Christmas is more exciting than the day itself. We’re sure that the memories you have of Christmas now aren’t of the perfect Christmas dinner, or an amazingly expensive present that your parents bought for you, but rather the time you spent with your family doing something magical. 

Why not invest some time into an activity, such as watching a Christmas movie as a family, or leaving some clues to make it look like Father Christmas has been? There’s a whole host of activities that you can do that don’t cost a penny, and your children will remember forever. One of the most magical things you can do (that costs pennies) is send a letter to Santa through the Royal Mail. If you send your letter by 11:59pm on the 9th of December, and include your full name and address (so Santa knows where to send his reply). The Royal Mail can’t guarantee a reply, to remember to remind the kids that Santa is a very busy man, and might not always get back to everyone! 

Your time is an amazing present

A present doesn’t have to equate to big bucks. Sometimes, something as simple as offering to do a chore for a friend or family member, or arranging to meet up can be just as amazing as a flashy present. Money Saving Expert have created a free cheque template, which you can print, write on, and distribute to friends and family. Alternatively, get creative and design and write your own vouchers, for a more personal touch. 

We hope you have a fantastic Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

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