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Introducing the ECO+ Scheme! Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Thousands of households are set to benefit from the brand new ECO+ scheme which includes insulation funding North East households can access. To get an A+ in ECO+, read this ultimate guide. It will answer all of the most important questions in depth. These include: What is it? When will it be introduced? Who can apply? And more…

What is ECO+?

ECO+ is a brand new scheme from the government. It is an extension for the previous ECO schemes. These are designed to help households access home improvements which will improve energy efficiency. 

Essentially, ECO+ is a funding pot of £1billion. Access to the funding will be given to households who currently have an EPC rating that’s a D or below (more information on eligibility will come later). For more information about EPC Ratings, and how they work we have a guide for that too. 

The purpose of the funding is for it to be put towards installing insulation in domestic properties so that they become cheaper to heat and more energy efficient. 

According to the Energy Saving Trust, ECO+ is currently in the consultation stage until 23rd December. This means that the government is currently taking on feedback about the scheme from relevant stakeholders.

When will ECO+ be introduced and how long will it last? 

ECO+ is expected to be introduced in spring 2023 and to last for up to three years. 

What kinds of insulation can homeowners have installed through the scheme? 

The scheme covers major types of insulation. Some of these include solid wall, loft and cavity wall insulation. 

The type of insulation that will suit a particular home will depend on factors including when the home was built, the kind of walls they have and if any existing forms of insulation are already in place. 

How does ECO+ benefit households? 

Energy prices and the cost of living have both significantly increased in recent months. This has led to an increase in people living in fuel poverty and National Energy Action have estimated that the levels of fuel poverty in the UK will increase from 4.5 to 8.4 million in April 2023.

Who can apply for ECO+ funding? 

As previously mentioned, the ECO+ scheme is open to people living in the UK who have an EPC rating below D.

Previous ECO schemes have mainly been aimed at the most vulnerable households. However, the Energy Funding Service states that this ECO scheme will also be accessible to a wider range of people than ever before. 

It will also cover people who live in areas with council tax bands in A-D in England.

Why are more people able to apply for this scheme in comparison to previous ones? 

Previous ECO+ schemes have rightfully been aimed at helping the most vulnerable. However, there are many people in the UK who were not previously eligible for ECO schemes even though they would have greatly benefited from the scheme. For example, people who are not on benefits but would struggle to afford energy efficiency solutions for their home on their own due to rising costs and low incomes. 

With ECO+ these people can now apply for funding as well as the most vulnerable. 

This is also good news because it will help the UK to inch closer to becoming energy independent and meet climate goals. 

How can you apply for ECO+ funding? 

If you think you could be eligible for ECO+ funding but you would like further clarity, you can try calling one of our friendly advisers for guidance on 0800 689 3415

Although not all details for the ECO+ Scheme have been revealed yet, we will keep you up-to-date about the scheme as we find out more information so stay tuned!

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