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National Meter Reading Day: here’s what you need to do!

You might know Thrift best for the work completed by our insulation and solar PV installers. However, our values are rooted in fighting fuel poverty across the North East and protecting the planet. Because of this, we want to help our customers in any way that we can to save energy and money. This is why we have produced a guide to national meter reading day to ensure that you are not being unfairly charged by your energy supplier. Read on to find out what meter reading day is, if you need to participate and how to do so.

When is meter reading day and what is it?

Meter reading day usually happens in the UK the day before energy prices are set to increase. People across the country are highly encouraged to submit meter readings to their energy companies on this day.

As you might have heard in the news recently, energy bills will rise by 27% on average from October 1st 2022. This is thanks to a new energy price cap introduced by the government.

Therefore, the next meter reading day is taking place on Friday 30th September.

Why do you need to submit a meter reading on this day?

The purpose of submitting a meter reading is to give your energy supplier an accurate snapshot of your energy usage. This prevents them from over or undercharging you by incorrectly estimating your level of energy consumption.

Let’s face it, anything you can do to ensure that you aren’t paying too much on your energy bills at this time is definitely worth a try.

Who needs to submit a meter reading?

Most people need to submit a meter reading unless one of the following circumstances applies to you:

  1. If you have a prepayment meter, you do not need to submit a meter reading.
  2. The same applies for energy users who use a working smart meter. However, if you do use a smart meter you might still want to take a photo of your reading for your reference.

How do I send a meter reading?

Submitting a meter reading will only take a few minutes. You just need to write down your meter readings or take a picture of them, then contact your energy provider and tell them what the figures are.

You can do this online through your account or a form. Alternatively, you can call your provider on specific phone lines they have for submitting meter readings.

Can I only submit a meter reading on 30th September?

If you submit a reading a couple of days early that is absolutely fine because the figures will not change much by the time national meter reading day arrives. You can also take a meter reading on 30th September or 1st October then submit it a few days later because many providers will let you backdate readings.

Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis has actually suggested that if people submit meter readings before or after national meter reading day it will prevent websites from crashing and phone lines from becoming overwhelmed. This is unfortunately what happened during the last meter reading day on 31st March 2022.

A warning to those thinking of inflating their meter reading

Some people consider inflating their readings to see if they can get charged for future use at a cheaper rate.

Please do not do this as it is fraud.

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