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Is it possible to run a house on solar panels?

As a homeowner with the price of living increasing, you might be wondering if you can run an entire house using solar power. This article will explore if it’s possible and give additional details.

How much electricity does the average house need?

In order to determine if it’s possible to run a house using solar power, you first need to know the amount of electricity it takes to run a home. Of course, this depends on the number of electrical appliances,  running times, temperature etc.

Here’s a draft of the energy consumption of an average house:

A 100-watt bulb would use 1kWh in 10 hours. If that’s so, 2kWh is needed to run an electric oven for one hour, for example. A fridge uses between 400 and 1000 kWh and a laptop uses 15 to 45kWh. A mobile phone would need approximately 2kWh for an entire year.

Generally, an average home requires somewhere around 4500 kWh of electricity for a year.

Can I run a whole house on solar power?

It’s not possible only with a solar system. Except for solar panels, you need additional batteries for energy backup, and you can get 60% of the energy from the solar panels directly.

So it will be possible to run a complete home with solar energy when you add an energy backup system to the house.

Having a battery is a good option if you want to power your house entirely with solar as it makes sure that it will reserve extra energy during the night and cloudy days in case of a shortage of sunlight. Solar power will reduce electricity bills and help you to fulfil any wishes of establishing a completely off-grid solar power system.

How to run a house on solar panel

As can be seen above, you firstly have to estimate the power that the house needs. Once you’ve done that, you can get a solar PV installer or buy a complete solar system to run the entire house using solar power.

You should look into energy saving tips to make the project even more successful and to provide you with extra energy.

Energy storage systems can ensure solar power day and night and can help you establish an off-grid power system for all the home appliances and other devices. You could also use some solar-powered home appliances to reduce the dependence on the main solar grid.

Does it cost a lot to run a house on solar power?

In general, solar power only needs the primary investment and it will be profitable for many years after the initial money spent.

For an off-grid solar system, you need extra batteries and accessories for a backup power supply, so this will add a little bit more to your budget.

These costs are minimal when you consider that the initial investment will provide you with permanent energy for your house!

So yes, you can run an entire house on solar power and reduce your electricity costs.

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