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5 things that could go wrong if you choose an inexperienced company for External Wall Insulation

External wall insulation is a layer of insulation which is fixed to the exterior side of the existing wall, with a weather resistant protective render or decorated finish. Cladding can come in a range of finishes such as timber panels, tiles, brick slips and aluminium panels.

Adding external wall insulation to your home can improve the thermal performance, energy efficiency, and the appearance of the property. However, things can start to go horribly wrong if you don’t choose a trustworthy company to carry out the project.

With so many to choose from, it is important to carefully select experienced external wall insulation companies for the job. If you opt for an inexperienced company instead, here are 5 things that could go wrong.

The material can prevent a property from breathing

Experienced external wall insulation companies will use a breathable render and leave gaps around air vents. This is because, although you want to slow the air transfer in and out of your home to keep it warm, you still need to allow the house to breathe.

Bad ventilation as heightened by inexperienced installation of external wall insulation will result in condensation and low air quality inside the home. In the long run, this can result in damp, mould, and mildew.

It could turn into a health risk

It goes without saying that a damp and mould problem in your home can result in health issues. However, inexperienced companies might use low quality materials for the external wall insulation, which can result in health impacts of its own.

The insulation and finish might not last as long

Most good manufacturers and external wall insulation companies can give you a guarantee or a warranty on the lifespan of your insulation. In some cases, this is around 25 years provided it is correctly installed.

If incorrectly installed, or lower quality products are used, the waterproof final render coating will not be as weatherproof as it should be. This can lead to needing to replace your external wall insulation sooner rather than later.

Discolouration of the finish

If the weatherproof nature of the finish is compromised, this can also result in discolouration. Cheaper renders and inexperienced execution will result in green-coloured patches of algae which can be unsightly.

To combat this, you can regularly jet wash the render and repaint for maintenance. Talk to your external wall insulation companies to discuss a lower maintenance option, such as biocide mixed materials.

Potential fire hazard

Last, but not least, an inexperienced installation of external wall cladding could result in a potential fire hazard. Most insulation systems are completely safe, as experienced installers will always use fire retardant material.

If you are especially worried, always consult with external wall insulation companies to make sure they are using good quality materials, or alternatively opt for a non-combustible material.
At Thrift Energy, we only hire the best, most experienced and reliable team to ensure every job is carried out to a high standard. To enquire about our external wall insulation from an experienced company, get in touch with the Thrift team today.

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