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The Solar Bell: What it is and why it matters if you want Solar Panels

It may come as a surprise, but winter is the best time of year to get solar panels. This is because we are currently sitting in the trough of the solar bell. What’s the solar bell, we hear you ask? Well, before you start looking for the solar panel installers Middlesbrough residents depend on, you could stand to learn the answer to that question and understand how it can be used to help you decide on the best time of year to install solar panels.

What is the solar bell?

The Solar Bell is a model which indicates when solar panels typically generate the most energy throughout the year. On a graph looking at solar output over a 12 month period, the data showing the amount of energy yielded from solar panels on a month-by-month basis would create a bell shaped curve. This is known as the Solar Bell.

solar bell

The reason for the shape of the curve is that the months where solar panels have the greatest output of energy are in the middle of the year– from March to the end of September. In fact, 70% of the UK’s overall solar energy is generated in these months. 

The best month for solar power generation in the UK tends to be June. 

As you may have guessed, these months are when the UK gets the most sunlight thanks to longer days and the sun being higher in the sky. Therefore, solar output is bound to be higher.

How can you use the solar bell to your advantage?

You can use the solar bell as a way of helping you find the optimum time to get solar panels installed. 

In some ways, you might think that the best time to get solar panels installed would be in the peak of summer. After all, the more energy your panels can start generating from the start, the better, right? 

This isn’t necessarily the case. Why? Well, if you’re installing your panels any time after March then you have already started to miss some of the optimum days for solar energy generation. 

Therefore, it is recommended that you get ahead of the curve by having your installation completed before March. 

More reasons to act now and beat the rush 

If recent data is anything to go by, solar PV installations are set to become even more popular in 2023. According to the UK government, at the end of October 2022, the total solar capacity installed across the country was 14.2GW from 1,231,125 installations. This is a 3.5% increase in capacity for the same time last year. 

We are also anticipating a massive rush of people looking to have solar panels installed at their homes around the springtime. This is because of the days getting longer and due to further energy price increases set to come into force in April. 

From April 2023, the average UK household will be spending roughly £3,000 per year on energy. Households that use more energy than average could be spending even more. 

Although this is concerning, households can take action to make their homes more energy efficient. Solar panels are a great way to do this and the sooner you get them installed, the sooner you can start making savings. 

If you are ready to switch to solar, or you need some free advice on whether it’s the right option, speak to us today on 0800 689 3415. 

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