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What Should I do to Prepare my Home for a Solar PV Installation?

A Solar PV system is a great way to use less energy in your home, as well as having a positive impact on the environment. If you’re considering getting Solar PV installed at your home, we’re sure that you will do thorough research to make sure that your home is appropriate for an installation.

To help you come to an appropriate decision, the team here at Thrift have compiled a guide of things you should consider in order to make sure your home is prepared for your Solar PV installer.

Make sure your roof is suitable

Most roofs in the UK are suitable for installing Solar PV, but you will need to assess your roof’s characteristics to make sure Solar PV is a suitable investment for you. A north-facing roof for example, is not ideal for solar energy capture, as they are exposed to the least amount of sunlight.

You also need to determine how many shadows your roof has cast over it, and whether or not they are cast for an extended period of time. Items such as trees, power lines and other properties can cast shadows over your panels, and although this will not stop your panels from generating electricity, it will reduce the generation significantly.

Another major consideration is the condition of your roof. Solar panels have a lifespan of several decades, so you need to be certain that your roof has a lifespan of at least the same length of time. Additionally, Solar PV is heavy so you need to be sure that your roof can support the additional weight.

Getting your property ready

The process of getting Solar PV installed is simple and non-invasive, so there won’t be much for you to do once the process is in full swing. However, it would make the installation smoother if you were to make sure the area the team is working in is clear and easily accessible. The installer will also need access to your fuse box, to make sure the electricity you’re generating will go to the sockets and outlets in your house, thus powering your devices.

You can expect lots of drilling and hammering on your roof, as well as people walking on it as part of your Solar PV installation. If your house is home to pets or children who will be unsettled by the loud noise, we recommend having a plan in place to keep them calm, or remove them from the house on the day of the installation. We also recommend keeping your phone nearby, in case the installers run into any unforeseen challenges.

We hope that you have gained an understanding of some of the things you can do, to make sure your property is suitable for a Solar PV installation. An installation from Thrift only takes one day, so it is certainly worth considering this quick to install, long term renewable energy source.

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