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Predicted energy-saving trends in 2022

The need to transition to cleaner energy in 2022 is more prevalent than ever, especially as we get more vocal and active about the climate crisis that we are facing. We know that the sustainability and clean energy landscape is evolving quickly, especially as the world faces increased caps on gas and electricity prices. In order to help our installers and suppliers get ready for the oncoming renewable storm, we have put together a list of four energy-saving trends we are expecting to see in the coming year.

Increase in Green/Sustainable Energy Sources

At COP26, the UK made a commitment to “accelerate efforts towards the phase down of unabated coal power and phase out of inefficient fossil fuel subsidies.”, so we can expect to see increased decarbonisation of the energy and utility sectors. The coal era is certainly coming to an end, as this is the first time coal has specifically been mentioned in a UNFCCC document.

Energy and utility companies will be pushed to move towards renewable energy over traditional sources.

Increased energy prices driving investment in renewables

Net zero and sustainability will both continue to be key drivers behind investment in clean and efficient energy in 2022, but couple that with increased prices for gas and electricity, which could result in households spending up to £600 more on energy bills, and businesses even more so, and we are left with not choice but to invest in renewable energy in order to make it more accessible to domestic buildings. Momentum will be strong within the industrial sector, where 80% of their energy comes from fossil fuels.

Innovations in Advanced Photovoltaics

Advances in photovoltaic technology in 2022, designed to provide higher energy efficiency from our solar panels, is expected to be one of the top trends we see in 2022. Innovators across the globe are working to integrate PV systems with every aspect of our surrounding, without taking up lots of land. Some of these ideas include “floatovoltaics”, solar power systems that are designed to float on reservoirs, dams or other water bodies. Perhaps 2022 should be the year you find yourself a solar PV installer.

Renewable Energy will become cheaper than fossil fuels

Over the last decade, wind and solar plants have become 70% and 89% cheaper and, according to the IEA’s Renewables 2020 report, their capacity will exceed coal and gas by 2025. As of right now, solar power is cheaper than coal! This trend will continue as renewable technology develops, as costs follow a learning curve; they get cheaper as we increase capacity.

Of course, these are but a few energy-saving trends that we can expect in the coming year. Work is still being done to develop greener ways of storing hydrogen, as the green hydrogen movement continues to gain ground, and advancements are being made in the AI and robotics sectors, to optimise the utilisation of our renewable resources.

The main takeaway however, is that renewable energy sources are becoming increasingly accessible to domestic buildings and are being widely considered and installed by various businesses, in an effort to cut costs caused by the increasing energy tariffs.

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