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Practical energy saving solutions in uncertain times

Here at Thrift Energy, we are all about practical energy saving solutions, especially ones that will keep your energy bill down during these uncertain times. On top of upgrading your home insulation and servicing your boiler, there are so many helpful tips and tricks you can use to save energy this autumn, that won’t break the bank! 

Detect Those Draughts 

It’s time to go draught detecting. Do a thorough sweep of your home, and make a note of all of the places where you can feel a draught, and where the draught is coming from. If it’s coming from the door, you can put draught excluders at the base, or put transparent cling film over the windows to act as an extra layer of insulation. Best of all, these low cost efforts can save you up to £50 every year on your energy bill! 

Can I Leave My Device On Standby? 

Simple answer? It’s obviously better, and saves more energy if you turn every device off at the wall, so you’re not using any energy for something you aren’t making use of. According to a report by British Gas, households can save an average of £147 per year if certain appliances were turned off standby. However, given that as of 2013 an EU law was passed that TVs and other devices can’t use more than 0.5 watts in standby mode, we’re not sure how true that claim is. 

Rethink Using The Oven

If you can avoid using the oven to cook a meal, then do so. There are lots of kitchen appliances that can be used to create a delicious meal that don’t use anywhere near as much energy as your oven or the stove. An air fryer, for example, can be used to cook in the place of a large oven, at a fraction of the energy cost. Similarly, the microwave can also be used to cook a nutritious meal (though perhaps the quality isn’t the same). Nevertheless, it will certainly trim down the cost of your energy bill. 

Fill The Washing Machine, Not The Kettle

If you do a full load of washing every time you put the machine on, you will use the washing machine less, thus saving energy. It’s as simple as that! Conversely, don’t fill up the kettle everytime you want a cup of tea! The more you fill the kettle, the more energy will be used to boil it. Try measuring out the water you want to use by the cup, then boiling the kettle afterwards. Not only will you save energy, you’ll also save water as well. 

We hope that you’re able to take away some practical energy saving solutions from this piece, as well as an understanding of how small changes can make a huge difference to your lifestyle and energy bills. Continue in this fashion, and soon you could be saving hundreds of pounds every year on your energy bill. 

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